Welcome to the Un-Official Kevin Spacey Fan Web Site. This site is NOT Officially endorsed or affiliated with the actor Mr Kevin Spacey.

I want people to contribute to the site. The Biog and events page need making and I need the info from you. You will be mentioned in the pages if you contribute, but please, no copyrighted material... I've already been told off by Mr Spacey's lawyers for simply having this site. I hope to list events at the Old Vic or signings he may do so get busy Spacey fans! Let me know!

This site is designed to pay homage to an actor. Not just A actor, but THE actor. From memorable performances in 'American Beauty' and truly world class deceiving roles as in 'The Usual Suspects'. Not only does the guy do films but he is a master on stage. The 'Old Vic' is the resting place of this enigma. Check the Events page for current Events.

We want to encourage user input as you are what makes him. Without you... the fan's, he is nothing. There are so many fan sites out there and we are hopefully up there with the best of them. So ... Welcome to Mr Kevin Spacey's space on our shore, The UK fan club...

Please explore our site, if there is something missing, TELL US!!! Your a fan so you know what a fan wants!!!


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